Feasibility Studies

With breadth of solar industry experience, Vishv Energy can accurately project both expenses and Return on Investment to minimize risk and uncertainty for our customers.

We understand the importance of feasibility studies and sincerely work to see if project is buildable and financeable. Working with experienced PV professionals from conception will greatly save development capital later on. We analyse conditions, handle all aspects of site inspection, costs, feasibility and risks.

We begin with a transparent conversation with our clients to understand project goals and expectations. Once we know what you envision, we customize our approach to help you realize it. You can evaluate the project potential yourself as we will sketch the reports and studies we conduct.

Our feasibility services comprise:
• Site Analysis
• Technology Analysis
• Investigation of goals
• Project Finance Recommendations
• Environmental Impact
• Mechanical Constructability
• Material Recommendations
  • Project Pro-forma
• Project Finance Options
• Production Analysis
• Logistics
• Technology Cost Comparisons
• Energy Usage Analysis
• Electrical Constructability
  • System Layouts
• Risk Mitigation
• Cost Estimate
• PV Potential
• Photo Simulation
• Potential Challenges
• Cash Flow Analysis