Commercial Utility-Scale Solar Energy

Vishv Energy helps Independent Power Producers and utilities successfully develop large scale power systems

We develop and deploy solar projects of utility scale. We use established, reliable PV technology and use designs of high standard to deliver affordable and tailor-made solutions. We offer systems such as ground-mounted tracking system, ground-mounted fixed system and parking-structure installations.

We do not believe in favoring a particular technology by fixing the same for every project. Careful attention is taken while analyzing the apt technology that would best suite your industry and its conditions.

Vishv Energy makes solar energy both technically and financially viable, which enables utilities to benefit from:

  • Access to  solar renewable energy credits, solar mandates and other renewable energy objectives
  • Free yourself from upfront capital investment
  • Fully managed systems via our utility-scale command and control team
  • Minus your worry about expensive transmission and distribution while enjoying benefits of organized and speedy installation deployment.
  • Avail benefits through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
  • See it happen within weeks of beginning commissioning work. Quickly installable projects varying from—5 to 50 MW at a time.
  • Minimalistic maintenance.
  • Reduce land and construction material requirement.
  • Enjoy benefits of Vishv Energy’s tracking technology that generates up to 30% more power than on ground mount conventional fixed-tilt trackers.
  • Cut down on balance of system costs.
  • Assured  returns.