Solar Energy Financing & Power Purchase Agreements

Vishv Energy tailors the most effective and proven solar financing solutions. We finance major projects through private and institutional investors. We gather debt and equity capital for individual projects, thus freeing you completely of all tasks. Our solar PPA provides you the opportunity to go solar without the upfront cost

You need both investment and resources to purchase, install, and maintain a solar power installation. That is exactly why we take great effort to work out the best financing deals to you. The very step next to project scoping shall be identification of rebates and incentives. Our Solar Finance Team get right to work, to design models of various finance scenarios until they hit the lowest price per kWh.

Understanding PPA? How does that equate to an integrated solution?

Long term contracts to buy electricity at a fixed rate is Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). The PPA provider attends to design cost, construction, operation, and maintenance and customers enjoy a lower utility bill immediately, as they purchase clean solar electricity produced at a predetermined (below-the-grid) rate.

Customer can substitute a portion of the traditional monthly electric bills with the bill for the solar energy that is attached to the local utility grid. The PPA provider while utilizing relevant solar incentives and passes the savings on to the customer.

At Vishv Energy, our PPAs are “integrated” as we act both as the PPA provider and the solar installer. We connect both ends and make both ends enjoy the benefits. We understand your business needs as they are equally ours.

Advantages of integrated PPA

  • Cut down on utility bills–Cash flow positive from day 1 to year 20
  • Stay secured from increasing energy cost – As utility rates continue to rise, your savings will grow every year. Locking in a low rate today will protect you tomorrow is a wise choice. If prices rise as expected, your savings will increase
  • Assured Risk Management – Every Vishv Energy solar power system includes our monitoring service to ensure you are maximizing your solar production and energy savings.
  • Reduce your Carbon footprint–There will be great reduction in CO2 emission due to green energy.
  • No operation or maintenance expenses– Vishv Energy owns the equipment and is responsible for maintenance and repairs
  • Relaxation on your capital investment–Saving money on operating costs would mean preserved  capital that will allow you to invest core business opportunities

Typical PPA Terms:

  • 15 to 25 - Year contract length
  • Positive Cash flow  in year one
  • 3 - 4%  per year fixed escalation
  • Multiple buy out options or the system can be removed at the end of the contract
  • Extension of contract beyond the  term