Sourcing & Procurement of PV Systems

We save on the cost and reduce long term risk by material sourcing from best manufacturers.

We always have a holistic approach to procurement and understand lowest quote is only one criteria for our analysis. We look into aspects that deal with hidden costs such as total return and risk profile including: price, provider balance sheet, warranty terms, payment terms and technical specifications.

We could create and manage a formal RFP process to obtain best deals of highest quality equipment. We don’t fixate on favorite vendors but suggest only the most ideal one that suits your requirement. This system helps you achieve the greatest possible return on your investment.

If you happen to be one of our consulting clients, you can also expect our help in taking you through a formal RFP process, in addition to assisting you in sourcing and managing the quality of your solar installation.

Material procuring in 3 steps :
1. We have a specific evaluating metric for vendors and that is based on efficiency, cost, financial viability, aesthetics, and quality and other added concerns that you may have.
2. We conduct a competitive bid process to source modules, inverters and racking from prequalified vendors.
3. We choose the best, while we ensure complete transparency in our process of decision making.