Solar Technology and Product Assessment

We take no chances in helping clients choose the right product

We work to help clients analyze key aspects of products and not with showy superficial incentives. Only the best and credible technologies are looked into. Each that has clear backing by solid balance sheets and comprehensive quality controls.

Our Engineers at Vishv Energy act as internal quality controllers and evaluate technologies carefully. Some criteria are :

  • Field Track record – What kind of a record does this component boast of?
  • Efficiency – Energy output?
  • Price – What exactly is the Lifetime cost / Kwh?
  • Warranty Terms – What is the duration of the warranty provided by the manufacturer and what are the exceptions to the same?
  • Balance sheet of suppliers - Do the suppliers have a clean and strong balance sheet that truly reflects their potential?
  • Tolerances – Any engineering product has to have some kind of a tolerance. That being said, what is the kind of efficiency that Vishv Energy provides?
  • Site Compatibility – Can these components be used elsewhere? Are there any limitations? Does it require any special mounting?