Solar Energy for Schools and Colleges

Our unique solar schools program brings to you school specific (education institutions) solar solutions

We bring the Power Purchase Agreements or turnkey contracts to right use by allowing educational institutions cost effective path to renewable energy generation and usage. We always round up on a cost effective solution and when it comes to schools, we make the best of deals to let them enjoy the benefits of inexpensive and clean power.

Why turn solar?

  • Energy Consumption
    Since schools consume a great deal of energy, opting for a solar installation is sure to bring down their energy bill. With solar you cannot just bring down the operating cost but operate as an environmentally sustainable model of education.
  • Education
    Vishv Energy can provide you a solar curriculum so the lessons of sustainability can be incorporated into the classroom using live data. Your school can be proud about incorporating sustainability concept and informing students about it.
  • Size
    Sites can be aggregated to install a large multi-site solution and work it as a shared expense. For instance entire school districts or large campus universities and colleges can bring together sites within their facility portfolio for this purpose.