Solar Consultation & Development Services

A multi-megawatt solar power installation is complex and expensive undertaking. An installation of this size usually takes years to complete, and any seemingly minor error in the initial stages could cost you millions in project overruns or even prevent the project from being built. We know you don’t want to take risks with reputation at stake.

Our solar consulting and development services developers, and independent power producers (IPPs) who are planning large-scale solar installation projects, typically 1MW to 50MW. We provide direct access to our extensive experience in developing solar PV and help you with checking financial viability and risk evaluation.

Our service also offers detailed site survey to determine solar power feasibility. We also identify potential challenges in development, and recommend solar technology solutions that best suit your site. Through the feasibility-phase, you get decision making information at the right time, mitigating risk and reduce your overall development cost.

Our comprehensive service begins with finding the right site to establishing the project. There are special packages that begin from site feasibility investigation, preparing Request For Proposal (RFP) , building a conceptual design to  evaluating and recommending finance structures- we will provide you the best options and offer advice. Our approach is objective and data driven and if should you decide to go ahead and begin construction, we will start moving the papers and the bricks for you – Yes, we shall perform the duties to procure contracts and manage constructions under multiple prime structure, assure quality control  etc.

  Why opt for Vishv Energy’s solar services?
  • Increase in savings
    By identifying project challenges in advance, choosing the best technology, and procuring materials directly from manufacturers we ensure a permanent increase in your savings.
  • Benefit from our extensive industry experience
    We have been designing solar energy solutions, evaluating technologies, and managing installations for many years. This means we have a lot of experience in this field, and you will not be getting vague opinions, but valuable and accurate information.
  • Enjoy privileges of sophisticated sourcing
    Unlike some companies which are vertically integrated who propose a one size that fits all technology solutions, we evaluate and procure materials from a wide range of manufacturers. We influence our industry to find the best pricing and also the best solution for your needs.
  • Exceptional integrated services – Project & Finance
    Solar project finance is our exceptional service. Our project finance team will make endorsements regarding financing structures and potential financial associates.
  • Soar higher
    Vishv Energy expertise will increase your chances of success by eradicating unwanted learning curves. Our advancements enable you to focus your precious development capital on right projects with greater chance of winning a PPA with a utility.