Solar Power Installations for Landfills & Brownfields

Vishv Energy develops the most safest and economic solar solutions on capped landfills, brownfields, and superfund sites.

It is now possible to utilize solar modules for generating energy in landfills, brownfields, and superfund sites. The operators, public or private draw benefits from the technological advancement.

There are two obvious benefits:

  • Decrease in operating costs
  • Additional sources of revenue generation

Vishv Energy ensures that your project leaps over every hurdle to reach your business goals with our custom made PV solutions.

Turn waste facilities into business assets, we'll tell you why :

  • Long term viability of project: A capped landfill site may eventually cease generating methane gas. Ultimately, your revenue from gas to energy will be stunned; also the land would not be preferred for construction of commercial or residential infrastructures . Instead of letting it go unused, solar installation can be a steady revenue generator. Electricity generated on landfills can be used onsite or sold .
  • Get financed: In addition to location development, our services include the financing of high-quality systems. We finance major projects through private and institutional investors. We gather debt and equity capital for individual projects, thus freeing you completely of all tasks.
  • Where there is land.. : There are thousands of sites that are suitable for solar harvesting in India. 
  • Ease of transmission: All or most landfills, brownfields, and superfund sites are located in with utility grids in the vicinity. So you can also save up on the transmission cost while power installation continues to be a steady revenue earner.