Integrated Financing

We understand the capital and resource disbursal needed for purchasing, installing, and maintaining a solar power system which is why we provide a unique set of financial models that would help you a great deal.

Vishv Energy helps you to obtain clean renewable energy without having to purchase a solar power system.


Why choose Vishv Energy?
Most solar companies just offer design and installation services, leaving financing, calculating the right rebates and doing tax credits up to you.

But Vishv Energy takes a different approach. We integrate solar financing with turnkey construction and maintenance keeping in mind ongoing operations. In other words your solar project and financing gets looked upon in every aspect from A to Z.

Don’t tire yourself shuttling between multiple vendors; instead, experience a simple and efficient processing with Vishv Energy’s integrated solutions.

By financing your solar energy project with Vishv Energy you can:
• Reduce capital for mission-critical projects and investments
• Direct your resources on more important initiatives
• Minimize time for your executive team and other key stakeholders
• Be assured of continuity and manage risk effectively
• Avoid any expense to keep up with technology

Is integrated solar financing right for you?

Do you think you can construct solar panel installation with no upfront capital investment? With Vishv energy, you actually can!
Instead of buying expensive equipments and maintenance packages, our  unique integrated solar power purchase agreements (PPAs)  allows you to investment grade credit to buy clean solar energy (at below-the-grid rates). So, even without capital we make your cash flow to take the positive curve from day one.


If you are the customer who wish:

• To purchase clean renewable energy at below-the-grid rates with lifetime of 25-30 years
• To cut down on purchasing and maintaining solar energy installations
• For a simple, smart and reliable  financing option and faster negotiation
• To freeze energy cost and confidently project costs for next 20 years.
• To leverage the earned good credit for other mission and critical investments
• To  avail tax benefits that are originally unavailable