A one stop solution for all your solar and electrical needs and beyond! Vishv energy is just the right choice, whether you are an experienced solar installer, or just starting out, we strive to make things work best for you. Please contact us at

Solar Modules

Solar ModulesWe provide reliable and high quality PV modules that have a proven track performance. Installers can thus be assured of benefitting from the best, both technologically and economically for a wide variety of applications that come in varying system sizes. We currently carry both mono and poly crystalline modules that are IEC certified.(Ranging from 10Wp to 300Wp).


InvertersVishv Energy’s inverter partnerships are chosen based on product quality and leadership. We source only highly-regarded off-grid, hybrid and string inverters in the industry (Rated capacity from 300W to 100KW)

Mounting Structures

Mounting StructuresWe provide a matrix of solutions for systems of any scale and type. Whether your installation calls for a roof mount, ground mount, or a customized solution, our racking partners have the right product for your installation.


BatteriesVishv Energy offers VRLA-AGM Deep Cycle Batteries for off grid solar power systems.

Charge Controllers

Charge ControllersCompared to conventional charge controllers, Vishv Energy’ PV charge controllers incorporates Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology facilitating 30 % or more charge current. (rated charging current from 5A to 80A and nominal voltage at 12/24/48V)

LED Lightening

LED LighteningVishv Energy promises cost-effective solar power lightening systems that would arguably be the best illumination systems. For a wide range of lightening applications such as area and security, street and roadways, transit and shelter lightening, we develop and trade commercial and industrial-grade solar powered, energy-efficient lightening systems. (rated power consumption between 1W to 190W)

Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water HeatersVishv Energy offers the most energy saving solar water heaters suitable for all solar applications that are ideal for home, hotels and industrial use.

Solar Irrigation Pumps

Solar Irrigation PumpsVishv Energy offers highly reliable solar pumps that are easy to install and maintain.